Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Clint Eastwood a.k.a. Dirty Harry

"My 44 Magnum is a one hell of handgun, but Jack's mind is more powerful."

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Jack believes you can never pack too much heat said...

Be smarter than the average guy get one of those new 110 jet 6-seater Hot Tubs and have your neighbor’s daughter over for a party. Tell her you want to see how long she can hold her breath underwater and if she needs air to suck on the hose, you’ll be holding in your lap.

Sorry girl you don’t pass the sniff test!

If you Muslims would take the shit out of your ears long enough to hear what the world is saying, you would be a lot better off.

Stop butting in while I am interrupting!!

When it doubt wipe your shit packed covered dirty ass with a page from that book they call the Holy Koran, I do!

How about I mop your ASS with the floor and we call it even?

The person that said ‘Silence Is Golden’ obviously never met a politician.

Hey little girl would you like to undress my cucumber?

Remember, that used condom you found laying around may NOT be yours.

Mammy, It’s your son from Ala_fucking_bama.

Real Eyes.....Realize.....Real Lies !!

Why don’t you have your granny put some tassels on her tits and come over and sweep my floor?

Lets face it your mouthwash just isn’t making it!

I see that you have issues the problem is I don’t give a shit!

GOOGLE You Suck !!

If you are what you eat, then I am cheap, fast, and greasy.

If you suck my cock baby I’ll be grateful for at least the next day or so.

Look children just because I changed the locks on the front door doesn’t mean I don’t love your Mom.

Hey say ‘MOO’ to your wife for me.

Your breath smells like you French Kissed your dead grandmother.

Hey lady would you stop staring at the bulge in my pants?

Watching a Muslim get angry is funnier than watching a donut roll down a hill past a legless starving Ethiopian.

The lady at the clinic let it slip that your anal warts match the on your nose.

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Remember it is better to be pissed off than pissed on, just ask any Arab standing under his camel?

You look like someone dumped a dead African Pigmy on your front lawn.

Look pal do you think you could ask your daughter to stop going through my pants pockets looking for change especially while I am still wearing them?

Ah the things you see when you don’t have a gun.

Hey you little Gumba you smell like garlic and fish.

Your wife is so ugly that a bank robbery would give her his mask.

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Attention Young People – Get a JOB !!

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Men, if you want to know what it’s like for a woman to have a baby, then grab your upper lip and pull it up over the top of your head.

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You really should stop sucking the farts out of your Gerbils ass.

I think its time your sister got her mustache trimmed.

‘Old Farts’ never die, they just get to live on in pain and agony.

Hey I bet your sister could peel a banana with her tongue.

Ladies, if you can’t ‘Fugg It’, that’s right .... just ‘Sugg It.’

Would you please stop telling your children I am there real father. I can’t get them to leave my house.

Mama Mia, I didn’t say pizza tonight, I said I want pussy tonight !!

Victoria Secrets is a grown man’s Chucky Cheese.

I see you’re pregnant would you mind if I milked you like a cow?