Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Marvin the Martian

"Listen to Jack or I will destroy you all."

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A Toon Time Event said...

Hey you wanna tell your sister to stop sneaking in the Mens Room and eating the mints in the urinals.

Ladies if you want ‘Romance’ read a good novel.

Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.

I ate a pork sandwich and puke on a Muslim today. But I feel pretty good now.

Harvard is a place where egotistical snobbish rich assholes attend college so they can brag they went to ‘Harvard.’

Remember, Beer and Chocolate there not just for breakfast anymore.

Girl instead of using that tongue of yours for all that useless nagging and bitching why don’t you put it to real use and lick my balls?

Excuse me while I have a ‘Brain Fart.’

My dick gets hard just thinking about a woman with BIG Juicy Wet Lips.

I hear your wife uses a weed whacker to trim her pubic hair.

Ladies before you roll away from me in bed, remember that anal hole is mighty tempting.

Remember ‘Ladies’ sucking your man’s throbbing member is NOT an option.

Male Cheerleader, or a contradiction in terms, you decide.

Just ‘Bitch Slap’ that little queer faggot into oblivion.

Ladies remember blowjobs equal pay raises.

If you want my dog to stop licking your son’s cock put some pants on the boy.

Hey can you have your wife come over and lick the sweat off my balls? I haven’t showered in a week and they’re starting to itch.

I couldn’t find a Muslim to PISS on today so I went down and took a good shit in the local mosque.

She is definitely a two-bagger. You put one bag over her head and one over your head in case one falls off.

Remember, if your dog shits on my lawn, I am going to rape your wife.

Excuse me sir, but you can have your whore, I mean daughter back now.

Remember you can’t pick your parents!

My wife is so fat, I have to slap her thighs and ride the wave in.

When I was a child we were so poor, when I walked my clothes ‘whistled.’

Next time she asks you your name, tell her. Then before she can say anything else you say, “Small talks over lets go fuck now.”

Hey rumor has it your daughter’s poop shoot was found occupied by her own bother’s snake during a drug bust in the park.

Tell me, are you a spitter or a swallower?

Go ahead whip it out, I dare you!

Cheerleaders or Sluts, yet then how I must digress.

Porn may not be clearly legally defined but I know it when I see it.

You have F E A R: That equates to = Frustration, Ego, Anal Retentive.

Sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don’t. But if you feel like a fruit go eat a faggot.

They say giving birth is a beautiful thing to look at. I think it looks like a Saint Bernard dripping wet that was just drug through the cat door backwards.

Ladies life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hairstylist and salon you like.

If women can fake orgasms, then men can fake like they care.

I’ll be able to pay you the money I owe you tomorrow right after your wife gives me a blowjob today.

Hey like I explained to your daughter, I am not cock boy I am cock man and she can be my sidekick.

Excuse me can you go into the other room we want to talk about you.

Remember FAT Chicks can’t jump but they do make a big splash when they’re shoved out of a window.

You are a load that your mother should have swallowed!

Your sister she’s a hand job giver but she’s awful good at it.

There’s no real Devil, that’s just GOD with a hangover.

Work sucks, lets all leave and go fuck the bosses wife.

I am hear to do good for all of mankind; what others are here for, I have no damn idea.

Hey lady, eat my crackers.

I’d let you talk with my psychiatrist but he exists only in my head.