Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Captain Kirk says, Jack Out of This World

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Jack with 2-feet on the ground said...

Do I have anything better to do than insult Muslims you ask, No I Don’t!

I saw a doggie in your window when I realized it was your daughter.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to one and all, especially the U.S. fighting men and women who protect America from her enemies foreign and domestic.

Hey Dog Breath stop breathing on my computer screen your fogging it all up.

Look girl if you’re not going to get my name tattooed on your ass we just can’t have anything permanent but what do you say we have one last fuck and part as friends?

You keep snapping that tongue at me I am going to ripped it out of your head and staple it to your forehead.

Sorry the Captain has turned on the NO Wife light.

You can’t help the fact you’re an Idiot you come from a long line of idiots.

If you see a Muslim slap his forehead, he’s just trying to get his shit together!!

The rumor around town is that your wife was at the mall Christmas shopping, she didn’t have any change for a donation for Santa’s bucket so she gave him a blowjob instead.

Hey is there any truth to the fact that every time your sister here’s a police siren she flashes her hooters?

Excuse me little girl would you mind if I pumped your pooper?

Hey you going ape shit only proves your mother had sex with baboons.

Well I wouldn’t call your sister a flusey but she was pretty easy to get a blowjob from.

Rumor has it your sister looks pretty good for an underage sex toy.

Remember if you tax beer the working class will revolt and bring carnage and devastation upon your worthless corrupt so-called politically correct ass.

Hey after you’ve been married for a while there’s just no surprise left in the old Cracker Jack Box.

Girl grab your ass and hang on because your pussy belongs to me.

Baby I fell down and sprained my cock so could you kiss it and make it all better?

Hey come over here and let me show you how I can make your pussy purr!

Your Mother wears Combat Boots and has a mattress strap to her back.

Well little girl just how many Pussy Farts have you let today?

She’s so hot she would set off my security alarm just walking into the room.

My DOG does it so why shouldn’t you?

Be a man smack your penis.

Hey baby how would you like to shine my knob?

I hear you sniff toilet seats.

If you’re going to speak take that ugly smelling filthy towel off your head because it cuts off any possible circulation to that pee brain of yours.

Girl you’re so ugly I wouldn’t let you lick the fungus between my toes.

I hear the only way you can get a hard on is if a mosquito bites the end of your pecker.

Girl you smell of Nipple Goo.

Boy you have the backbone of an earthworm.

Hey girl I hear you went down to Radio Shack and had your dials adjusted.

If you’d give your wife some attention once in awhile she wouldn’t be pleasuring herself with my Great Dane (dog).

Buy a GUN the Muslims are coming.

So I hear you climbed the old mango tree and whack it off like a horny monkey in heat.

Girl you take my breath away but that’s probably because you’re sitting on my face.

A Muslim was born today because the Devil took another shit.

May all your ups and downs be between the bed sheets.

I ask and answer my own questions I found it saves time that way.

Baby what ya say I take you back to my place, handcuff you to bed, tickle your ass with a feather, and watch you squirm like a worm on the end of a fishhook?

Don’t Forget Liberals SUCK !!

I can’t talk now I have to go tame a pussy!