Friday, December 12, 2008

Daily Insults (about this Blog)

Here are a collection of Jack's Daily Insults, Daily Thoughts, Funny Sayings, and Daily Inspirations.
This is a BLOG created from a portion of my website pages that were located at:

Yes, The Encantoman a.k.a. Mr. Jack Shiles is back but posting through Blogs and creating that American dream again, called Freedom of Speech, guaranteed to All Americans under The U.S. Constitution.

Her is a comprehensive list of My Daily Insults.
Use them, copy them, and insult somebody. Hell insult everybody.

Remember ... Piss On A MUSLIM Today they really really like it.
Thank you for visiting,
The Famous 1
The Encantoman

Living everyday to give others an ulcer through abstract humor.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: EACH comment section has over 40 insults. Use them daily, people deserve to be shunned, insulted, and beaten down!

Alexander the Great

"I might have conquered the known world but it would have been more fun if I were able to insult my enemies with Jack's Famous Insults."