Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Former President Bill Clinton

"That damn Jack gets a lot more pussy than me."

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Jack Who KNows Great T-n-A When He Sees It said...

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I can’t let my dog Slug-o out anymore the Malaysian Muslim bitch across the street keeps sucking his cock and licking his ass.

Hey who’s that following you, Oh sorry my mistake its just your big fat ass.

Hey homeboy your sister is sort of nice for a trollop ghetto gansta bitch.

I just went to the toilet and shit me a smelly horrible BUMI Muslim.

Does your Mommy take her teeth out before she gives blowjobs?

Sorry I’m not paying attention to what you say there are too many voices in my head talking to me all ready.

I am not gonna shake hands with you. I don’t know where your hands have been.

You white boys remember if you go to jail you’re probably gonna end up as a Maytag marshmallow sandwich toy for a bunch of ethnic ghetto lifers.

Remember before you do the bathroom glory hole blowjob it just may be your daughter sucking that cock.

Before you were Mommy’s little boy you were Daddy’s little squirt.

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Did you ever wonder if your mother gave your dad a blowjob before she kissed you goodnight?

Hey if you are not lucky enough to marry into money, just may be money will run over your sorry ass with his car then you can sue Mr. Money.

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Remember, to serve does not mean to die for your country it means to make the other worthless ass wipe low life inbred bastard die for his.

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