Sunday, October 7, 2007

Socrates says, That Jack has Incredible mind

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Oh The Craziness of Jack said...

I am a true ‘International Lover’, I have Russian hands and Roman fingers.

This body is merely a device that transports my superior brain.

Excuse me why I pretend to give a fuck!

If you’re both thinking of oiling up your bodies before sex, start on the floor 
because falling off the bed hurts.

Feeling like a ‘Caveman’ today then instead of meat eat some pussy it will 
put hair on your chest from the inside.

If you think your daughter is still pure, I suggest you contact Mr. Peabody 
and the Wayback Machine.

Hey thank your Mom for that great blowjob she gave me last night.

A lot can be said for a ‘Man’ with only one eyebrow.

Never give a Polish Woman a vibrator it will chip her teeth.

If you want a Mexican Maid to have a bubble bath just tell her to jump into 
a mud puddle and fart.

Ok girl what’s it gonna be the front door or the back door?

Ladies the stud muffin’s back in town.

Girls there’s no wrong hole for men, you have three, anyone will do for us, 
we aren’t that damn particular!

I heard you snuck into the hospital ward last night and had sex with your 
comatose sister.

I am a womanizing anal shit packer and proud of it.

Sure I like you but I’d like you a lot better if you’re naked!

The only satisfaction a man gets from you is when you leave the room.

Ladies all I can say about the size of my cock is that I use a trash bag 
for a condom.

Your sister is studied by astronomers the world over because she has 
the mouth of a black hole and the ass of a planet.

That bitch is so fat if she wanted to buy a waterbed she’d have to purchase 
Lake Michigan.

Excuse me would you mind taking your clothes off, I’d like to see you naked?

Hey girl I hear NO is not in your vocabulary.

My ass in your ugly face.

Hey baby want some of my banana?

I think you’re swimming in the shallow end of the Gene Pool.

Hey there will be NO playing with your PUD while surfing this website.

Any you cowgirls wanna go for a ride on my horsey?

Contrary to belief turning a Condom inside out is not a good idea.

I realize you probably were once a MAN before you married that bitch.

Attention you GAY Bastards: A man with a goatee is saying he has 
a hairy mouth for a pussy, so don’t hesitate, walk right up to some 
big burly dude with a goatee and stick your cock right in his mouth.

You dirty little panty sniffer you!

Ladies, they call me the Cowboy, because I always do it with my 
boots on and I carry a Big GUN.

Attention Fat Women: Before you try and get an all over tan, 
remember you’re asking a lot from the sun.

I see you are Pregnant, can I milk your Hooters?

Hey sniff any good butts lately?

Have you SPANKED your Monkey today?

I bet you pick your feet with the same finger you pick your nose.

I hear the school guidance counselor told your daughter the only career 
she is qualified for is either a Lumber Jack Camp Tramp or The Other