Thursday, October 11, 2007

BA Baracus

"I pitty the fools that don't read Jack's Daily Insults, where do you think I get my material?"

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Jack Has An Attitude said...

Girl you are like a local train, you stop at every station.

Attention you queer faggot bastards, if you can take a penis you can take a joke.

Alien doom or a world dominated by fat people, I’ll take alien doom.

Hey baby show me your hooters, I am with the sex police.

You’re everything I want in a woman, you are young, you’re blonde, you’re young.

I see you were able to meet up with the neighborhood floozy connection.

I love girls who don’t wear panties it gives their pussy that outdoor country freshness odor.

I see that swarm of buzzing flies just follows you everywhere.

Hey you fat cow why don’t you go eat some Raisenettes until you puke?

There will be NO Hissy Fits here!

Listen up Iraq is Vietnam just by another name.

Thank your sister for me for that hummer she gave me in my Hummer.

The reason Divorce is so expensive is because its worth it!

There he goes the girls all call him Sponge Bob.

Hey girl stay here while I go get a couple gallons of motor oil because you’re gonna have to oil that big fat ass of yours before you can get through that door.

Remember don’t come a knocking when the teepee is a rockin.

Redneck pig style trough eating, its a man’s man type of sport.

That bitch is so fat she needs two toilet seats.

Put that bitch in a straight jacket and give her a milk enema.

Boy he’s a train to nowhere.

Girl your ass is so flat and wide they could use it for an aircraft carrier to land jet planes on.

Hey put your shirt on you are scaring the children, and put some pants on you’re scaring the cat.

Hey I just wanted to let you know, I’ll be with your daughter tonight and I’m gonna have more SEX than anyone since the beginning of time.

Before you give your bone to the dog make sure your done with it, also don’t confuse the bone with your boner.

What was you daughter’s nickname again, was it Trollop, Slut or Whore?

Baby I just took my Viagra now I am going to slut fuck every one of your holes.

That guy suffers from a severe case of cross ventilation.

I have some news for you I hear your children are never leaving home.

Lets get something straight, he’s not!

Your sister has screwed more musicians that Napster.

Her tits droop so much she would trip over them if someone hadn’t invented the bra.

Hey girl go out and find me a left handed crescent wrench.

You daughter is so dumb when she looks in the bathroom mirror she thinks it’s the neighbor girl spying on her.

For Muslims in America: The next time you see a U.S. Marine in uniform walk right up to him with that towel on your filthy head and ask him, “Where’s my fucking mail boy?”

Hey you silly little bitch what do you say I take you over to my girlfriend’s house and she can beat the hell out of you why I watch.

Hey girl the only thing I want to know about ‘The Women’s Movement’ is how well you move in bed.

I hear your Mother caught your Sister jerking you off.

Don’t bother me right now my brain has called an emergency meeting with the rest of my body.

Your so Fat when you go to the park toddlers stand under you for shade.

That guy is so Gay he could talk with a lisp and make the word cracker sound queer.

Hey baby why don’t you come over to my place and we’ll discuss the rules of ‘Slut Fucking.’

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Putting two Fat Women in a beauty contest is like giving a child a Happy Meal and then putting them on a roller coaster, you just don’t want to be there for that experience.

Hey how would you like to lick an old man’s dick?