Sunday, October 7, 2007

Will Rogers says, Give'm Hell Jack

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Jack Is a True American said...

Remember you can spend a fortune on a good dog but only love will 
make him wag his tail.

I see you’re a back door kind of Gal.

Divorce is the fucking you get for the fucking you got!

Look Ladies, men can be pretty good dogs, but if you don't pet them 
once in a while, you're going to have a hard time keeping them under 
the porch!

If Britney Spears was one of the flavors at Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, 
I’d have two scoops every damn day.

May the GOD of your choice smile upon you.

Mr. Black Man remember one thing, we haven’t played Cowboys and 
Niggers yet.

I went out with your sister last night and I just want to say, she lived up to 
her nickname: She’s So Easy.

Ladies the old adage that A man’s heart is through is stomach is not true, 
it actually is a little further south.

I hear that your sister broke her leg, don’t worry with proper rehabilitation 
she’ll be back up on her knees in no time.

I got news for you. When your child grows up the only job he’s gonna have 
is one where he has his name on his shirt.

Hey gather up a few Muslims and take them down to the local zoo and feed 
the lions.

Baby, if you let me cum in your mouth, I’ll let you call me ‘Daddy.’

Girls remember CUM, it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Have it anytime, 
anywhere, any place. Take it with you, take it in you, swallow it, eat it, or lick it. 
Enjoy the essence of its life giving properties.

Here’s an idea, the next time your bored senseless, go to the local Mall and whip 
out your vestigial organ.

Go pretend you’re a one handed chipmunk and stroke that twig you call a timber.

So you’re dressing for your date tonight, Smoking Jacket and Blue Pampers 
I hear are in.

Thrown sitting is every man’s God given right. Cleaning the preverbal thrown 
is every women’s duty.

I hear there’s a party in your panties and I am the guest of honor.

Remember a baldhead means good in bed.

This is a Warning to all Women: Men can be screamers too!

Live Long, Fuck Well!

So you say your daughter is failing 8th grade, no problem, just get her to do 
what she did last year, suck the Principal’s cock.

I here your daughter just graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Bimbo.

Ok so during our sexual interlude I made you clean the toilet and bathtub, 
hell I did all the work in bed, so why are you complaining?

Hey girl if you need a throw rug for your apartment, just shave your back.

You can call me crazy, you van call bizarre, but when we’re having sex you 
better call me Daddy!

Remember, you can’t lead a Calvary Charge if you can’t mount a horse.

Girl your pussy is like a Black Hole, it sucks in everything that comes near 
it and nothing ever gets out.

Young girls they are always looking for a warp driven starship when they 
should be looking for a slow freighter with a huge cargo.

Sweet thing I am studying to be a proctologist, how about I give your butt 
a free exam with my special probing instrument.

It’s hard to be humble when you got a cock as big as mine!

As a member of the U.S. Military, remember do not fear the enemy, for 
your enemy can only take your life. It is far better that you fear the media, 
for they will try to steal your HONOR.