Thursday, October 11, 2007


"Jack is a real genius."

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The Works of Jack's Brillant Mind said...

Remember that ‘Psychobabble’ is not just for politicians and stars anymore. Get into therapy and join the political correct insane.

Look girls, guys are like cavemen just looking for another cave to put their club in for the night.

Girls usually just fall on their backs for me, like your Mom did when I was banging her last night.

You ugly bastard, if you had 5 more hands you’d have a different date for every night of the week.

Oh GOD I am late for my nap!

Girl I see you have graduated from a scrawny no chested chicken to a useless pathetic puking no chested ugly vulcher.

Sorry my BONER was making it hard to pay attention.

How would you like to go for a ride on my Oscar Meyer Weiner, the sausage of love?

There is nothing that pays dividends more quickly than rubbing your cock.

Hey next time you go to one of those damn cineplex movie theaters, complain to the manager the movie didn’t have enough hooters and senseless violence.

For all those P.E.T.A. girls I think we should take them to the zoo, and throw them in a cage with a gorilla in heat. Then we’ll see what kind of animal lovers they really are.

Hey girl good news I hear they found your panties in the park.

Next time you’re bored go out and rip one of those towels off a useless twit Muslim, if he complains, then kick the shit out of him, it will do you both some good.

Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for.

Some things and people just need KILLING, that’s why America has the U.S. Marines.

Muslims and cockroaches soon as I see either one I just step on them.

They say music soothes the savage beast. Frankly I think you just take a gun and shoot them in the fucking head.

If you think you are FAT you probably are!

Hey you sweet young thing would you like a side order of elderly penis.

Remember you dumb bastards that red stuff flowing from her pussy isn’t ketchup so be careful what you eat.

High there I’ve been wrecking pussies since 1962.

A happy Muslim is a guy standing in a tall poppy field with a virgin goat.

Hey girl I really love it when you suck my dick.

Hey why don’t you look at the bottom of my foot then go masturbate somewhere.

Sorry but I can’t pursue this relationship, you can’t even pass the sniff test.

I here your sister responds well to: Hey You .. Here ... Do It Now!

Remember Muslims are like filthy useless cockroaches, so run out and step on one today!

Girl take them panties off, remember, they will only come between you and real happiness.

What do say I stuff your cabbage with my sausage?

I am a funny guy. In fact I am funnier than a truckload of dead Muslim babies in Somalia.

Ladies brace yourselves I have arrived!

Hey there guy, is that your sister’s underwear you’re wearing?

Hey Babe just pretend my pants is France and invade me. Don’t forget to check out my big Eiffel Tower.

Girl I am going to BITCH Fuck you into oblivion.

I am legally brain dead before 10:00am!

Next time you see one of those expensive cars with a handicap sticker and the driver gets out looking Ok, run their ass down and make an honest person out of them.

The Muslims are coming. The Muslims are coming. Run out buy a gun and shoot one now!

I’m not picky I just eat what I like!

Remember even a Ferrari isn’t any good if you run out of gas!

Hey pal why don’t you go dawn that spandex costume of yours and dance around for Sandra Day O’Connor.

Hey when I commit adultery its selective cheating, after all I am a one woman man.

Why is it a woman can put batteries in a vibrator in the dark but can’t find a two-ton automobile in daylight?