Saturday, August 4, 2007

Plato says, Jack has great mind

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Jacks Damn Funny Insults said...

Jane Goodall sucks monkey dick.

French Canadian Canooks are full of Pea Soup.

The difference between a ‘Whorehouse and a Call Service’ is that a Whorehouse 
takes cash only and serves any clientele, a Call Service requires you wear a tie 
and takes credit cards.

Hooters at 10 O’clock!

Pregos are great for hump riding.

Excuse me, have you ever been thrown on the floor and kissed before?

I’d like to put my oar in her river and paddled on home.

ROAD KILL and I forgot my spoon!

I’ve never met a friend I liked.

Oh ‘Honey’ you’re a good fuck stik I think I’ll keep you a while longer.

Ahhh, the bowling ball grip .. girls you know it so well.

I'd rather listen to Rush Limbaugh than be Politically Correct.

Your mother told you that everybody is a somebody, well she lied, you’re a 
Nobody so get the fuck away from me.

Shit Packers of America unite.

Ladies remember to bring your own ‘Condoms’ you should never leave home 
without it.

Hey I can throw up at my party if I want to!

I just came back from two weeks of FROG Jumping in Paris.

Ohhhh damn that Urinal Water is Cold on my cock. Guess I should have 
stood back about another 15 inches.

Ladies for fast delivery and guaranteed satisfaction call ‘Mr. Jack’ when you 
absolutely positively have to cum overnight.

Look girl if you want a conversation before SEX attend your ladies social club 
before we get together.

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in one pretty and well preserved piece. The intention should be to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, 
worn out and defiantly shouting, "Wow! What a fucking ride."

Towel Heads must really be ‘Rednecks’ at heart.

Lady you really shouldn’t stand so close to all that frozen food that hot body of yours 
is gonna melt all that stuff.

You’re a low life scum sucking Denebian Slim Devil.

I hear you just got a new job working at the circumcising ward they are paying you 
50 skins a day and a chance to get a head.

Hey baby let me make you a ‘Pussy Cocktail’ it will be stirred but not shaken.

Baby, if you’re good, I will buy you breakfast in the morning.

Well girl that’s the last time I’ll fuck you!

Hey pal, I don’t wanna get you too upset with your heart condition but both your 
wife and daughter belong to ‘Sluts-R-Us.’

The advantage of having a girl with small tits is you can get the ‘Whole Thing’ in 
your mouth.

Remember to put your ‘CAT’ in the microwave to dry them out when they get wet!

Remember, don’t stair at a Muslim Woman without their veil on or surely you’ll go 
blind from looking into the depths of ugliness!

You know girl you should learn not to interrupt me while I am slamming my balls 
against your mother’s ass.

Hey girl remember to lubricate your rear end and flush out your radiator on a regular 

Hey guys remember when you fuck a Muslim bitch to rub Pig’s Fat on the outside 
of your condom.

You been to the nudie bar again I see your tongue is black from dragging it across 
the floor.

Life is like a dick when it gets hard Fuck It

Attention white boys if you haven’t had any ‘Brown Sugar’ you should try some, 
I have and it’s great.