Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nikola Tesla

"Jack's Insults Are Electrifying"

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Immortal Wisdom from Jack said...

Judge I was shopping and she bent over, she had no panties on, it reared its ugly head and I heard this voice in my head say ‘CHARGE.’

Here Pussy Pussy where’s the Pussy?

Hey why don’t you go to the mall and talk dirty to little girls.

Ladies please remember to shave your ‘Pussy’ because grass should never grow on a playground.

Hey pal I can tell you have a sense of humor, I’ve seen you play football.

Girls gone ‘Commando Style’ or Hey guys I’m not wearing any underwear.

Hey sweetheart how about I show you my version of the ‘rope a dope.’

You Fight, I Fight..... You Hurt, I Hurt.... You Cry, I Cry.... You Jump Off a Bridge.... I'm Really Gonna Miss Your Dumb ASS!

Listen all you self-righteous left wing liberal bitches, so I drag my knuckles so what, I also have my giant throbbing cock strapped to the inside of my Cowboy Boots. Now who wants to party?

Hey girl rollover I feel like a little chocolate tonight.

Hey you stinking towel heads just remember we haven’t played Cowboy and Muslim yet.

Ladies call me anytime, my number is 480.lick.mee !

Hey baby don’t spend fifty dollars at the beauty shop, I’ll give you a facial for free.

Girl you wouldn’t even pass the sniff test.

I wouldn’t touch that!

Yes bitch you do have ‘Fuck Me’ written on your forehead, in fact, it’s written all over your whole damn body.

His sister’s pussy is so hairy it starts at her belly button and goes all the way down and around to her asshole.

Hey girl bend over I want to play shit packer.

Boy pay attention to me, I say pay attention now I’m talking to you.

The only buzz that girl has is the flies buzzing around her pussy.

I saved your reputation the other day, someone said “You Eat Shit and Bark at the Moon.” I rebutted and said, “Hey I know for a fact he doesn’t bark.”

That looks like a wiggle woggle for a ‘Duck’s Ass’ to me.

Be wary wary quiet ... ha ha ha ... I am hunting rare small tight virgin pussy.

And YOU, your just another fucking problem that will have to be dealt with!

I don’t want to think about it, I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t even want to think about talking about it!

Hey if I wanted to take a family vacation I certainly wouldn’t take my own family!

Come here sweet thing I want to give you an anal examination with my huge throbbing probe.

Come here ‘Darling’ I got some ‘Jizz’ for you!

Yelling out God’s name on Sunday Morning from the bedroom doesn’t constitute going to church.

GOD smiles on stupid people. He must because there are so damn many of them.

You’re a gutless bottom-dwelling pathetic little weasel.

I ask for a caterer and all I get is a husband and wife and a bowl of lettuce.

God made the world, but it's held together with Duct Tape.

It smells like fish but tastes like chicken!

Wait a minute while I turn on that part of my brain that gives a SHIT!

I bet her pussy doesn’t even smell yet!

The men in their silly white jackets, there coming to take me away ha ha!