Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lao Tzu says, Jack one damn funny guy

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Jack's Insults Galore said...

She Bang She Bang, She Sucks My Wang, She’s the best Poontang.

You’re The King of Kink, The Queen of Queers, The Prince of Puss, The Earl 
of Asshole Eating, The Duke of Dirt, The Duchess of Do-it-from-behind, The 
Princess of Prance and Poke, The Lordship of Lust, and The Sire of Sex Filled Self-Masturbation.

Ladies you need to understand men have millions of years of evolution to deal with. 
So understand, when we’re out on a date with a good looking babe, we have everything 
to restrain ourselves at the restaurant from hitting you on the head with a ketchup bottle 
and having you on top of the salad bar for some testicle relief.

Let me stick my tongue in your ear and you tell Daddy all about it.

Hey girl every time you swallow can you still taste that huge load I shot in your mouth 
last night?

Your ‘Tits’ are so flat you have to wear signs on your body that says ‘Front’ ‘Back’ 
so people can tell the difference.

I love a DOG he does nothing for political reasons!

That Nubian Slave bitch put the funk in this white boy!

Hey girl why don’t you get a RAT to chew that mole off your face?

You’re a hybrid alright, fathered by an alien spore and born in the womb of a monkey.

Sperm donor available.

Hey I’m gonna poke out your eyes and skull fuck you to death.

Hey you homeless little wench return that shopping cart ...
NOW !!

I hear you and your mommy had a bitch fucked party for the local homeboys last 

Education never helped morals. The smarter the guy, the bigger the rascal of an 
asshole they will be.

GIRL .. YOU think I owe you something just because you sucked my dick?

Be a BOOB, show off your tits for the world.

Girls if you want us to lick it remember to wash it inside and out.

You’re so ugly you didn’t get hit with an ugly stick someone hit you with the whole 

Idiots of the World UNITE!

This is your Rifle and this is your Gun, Marine Corp D.I. referring to your weapon 
versus your cock.

Girls, there are three types of women: mothers, virgins, and whores ... which one 
are you?

Hey girl you’re just a walking ‘Peep Show.’

Hey men Milk a Prego today, I did.

Never ever start an argument with an idiot. They will drag you 
down to their level, and then beat you with experience.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk but no one said anything about enemies.

Sucking some suds so slow she sucks some so sweet so slow so so.

Ladies, please no talking unless it’s a commercial.

Ladies most men will cheat, it’s in their gene pool to wonder and explore and try 
new things, so get the fuck over it or don’t get married.

I went to Bertha’s whorehouse and got me ‘An Around the World.’ That’s a blowjob, 
my asshole licked, and my cock rode into the sunset. What more can a man ask for?

So your wife had an affair take it like a man!

When your daughter comes home you better hope that white stuff on her face is 
from the donut shop.

The ‘Five Words or Phrases’ I hope I never hear again are: ‘No’; ‘Reasonable Doubt’; 
‘Closure’; ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’; and ‘Fill Out This Form and Have A Seat, 
We’ll Call You When It’s Your Turn.’

I use to give a shit then I got a reality check.