Thursday, August 2, 2007


"Jack is one super intelligent man"

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The Great Mind of JACK said...

Hey girl why don’t you tie a bone around your neck and I’ll see if my dog wants to play with you.

That’s NO pussy that’s a canyon with dead weeds.

That person is beyond fat, she’s huge, she’s so big she’s got three fat people orbiting around her.

Those who can’t always seem to be in charge of those who can.

You are an ‘IDIOT.’

That sure is a fine bitch you’ve got there. Be a real pal, and share her with the guys.

Ok so I fucked your girlfriend, did I also mention I had your sister and your mother.

Hey that bad thing men do will make you tired.

The reason Americans threw ‘Tea’ in the Boston Harbor is because where all coffee drinkers.

Whoever gets elected ‘President’ better think twice about raising the tax on beer or there be riots in the streets for sure.

Hey you don’t know me well enough yet to call me a ‘Nigger.’

You must adjust, adapt, improvise, and overcome.

Look girl have a little self-respect, stop screaming and crying while I am raping you, you’re making me lose my concentration.

Remember, don’t bite the blow up doll!

Don’t forget to remind your daughter to take her own ‘Condom’ with her when she leaves the house.

I yearn for the Good Old Days of girls wearing short Tank Tops and very very tight Hot Pants.

Hey get OFF my fucking Bandwidth !!

You fuck with me and you’ll become food for maggots.

Call me sometime we’ll have lunch.

Remember try not stepping on the little guy’s head as you go up the ladder, step on his balls instead.

Come here woman what do you think this thing is doing up, do you think I want to hang my hat on it?

She was like an expensive piano, black on white, and in tune.

Hey girl how would you like a little Dixie in your Rock-n-Roll?

Hey your sister has been banged more often, harder, and faster than a screen door in a Hurricane.

Lets go to the Mall and look up some skirts !!

It’s not that I don’t like your mother but if you two are going to have me dance for you and shake my butt then don’t try and drop change down my bikini men’s satin tiger underwear after all I’m not a fucking tollbooth.

Attention Old Farts: ‘Getting It On’ does not mean watching the daytime TV show the ‘Price is Right!’

Hell I’m just a poor ole country stud muffin.

Girls don’t take ‘JACK’ out of the box and then try and put him back.

Hey I got to go now, it’s time to visit the Bat Cave!

No matter how much I sniff that pussy it still smells like cat piss to me.

You’re about as funny as a rubber crutch in a Hospital Polio Ward.

Wow I’d like to be a fly on the wall when she takes her shower.

If you buy me a hamburger today, I’ll gladly repay you next Tuesday.

That girl could use some meat, and I’m just the butcher she needs to see that she gets the proper size sausage.

Happy Valentine’s Day now get in there and make my diner bitch.