Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stewie says, Read Jack's Stuff or Else

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Now that your here said...

Hey having your sister was like having a puff pastry but I left her creamed filled and wanting more.

Will the girl with the Daddy Complex please call me.

Sir I don’t want you to worry about your little girl on her first date. I’ll have her home by ten. I’m also going to hump fuck her like a dog in heat.

Girls make sure you wear ‘Eatable Undies’ because they’re great for snacks at the movies.

I looked up into the sky, a bird drops his shit into my eye, I ponder why me and think I am glad cows don’t fly.

Hey lady why don’t you bring them juicy lips over here and suck my cock?

Hey little girl you wanna come over hear and blow on my trombone?

They say breaking up is hard to do. So when she dumps you guys get even, post her picture on the Net and make sure her Daddy sees it.

You sick puppy you!

You know I am going to be forced to open a good old fashion can of ‘Whoop Ass’ on you.

I just love the smell of a cleaned shaved pussy in the morning.

Realtors: The professional association of con artist.

Hey babe there’s a party going on in your panties and I am the guest of honor.

Who’s the bigger ‘Fool?’ The fool himself or the person who follows the fool.

Buy your gal a Mink Stole, she will love ya forever, and you’ll piss those worthless P.E.T.A. assholes off at the same time.

Alan Greenspan speaks or ‘How I can ruin the economy, raise inflation and increase unemployment, and turn a bull stock market into a bear market all in one speech.’

Ladies it’s Christmas time, what do you say I cum over and stuff your stockings with my big surprise?

I like three types of women: Petite and Sleazy; Tall, Slim and Sleazy; and Athletic and Sleazy.

Be wevy wevy quiet I am hunting wabbits, hahahah!

A real turn on for men are girls with long legs in ‘Fishnet Stockings’ so baby if you got it flaunt it.

I hear you’re a diaper sniffer.

Damn it’s that time of the month again where I have to swim through the shark infested hormone waters.

Stress at work, why just jump up on your desk and give yourself some self love you deserve it.

Hey I’m taking a shower is there any girl who wants to come over and wash my cock?

Male Bonding: That’s where two or MEN go into the woods and kill something, then say their done!

When a guy says, She’s the one that means she was the one until he meets the next one!

Hey little girl do you want to be on the Internet?

While decking the merry halls, remember to stop and suck my balls!

Hell its like spit going through a trumpet.

Mr. Islam, I got pictures of your wife lifting her veil and licking a Baboon’s ass, would you like to see some?

YOU want it When?

Hey I made your wife’s Pussy Prrrrrrr in my hands this morning.

I am a man of simple means; just give me Tits and Ass and plenty of it!

Would it be terribly inconvenient for you to let me cum all over your big tits?

Mother of GOD what an ugly puss bucket you are!

Jihadist or a moron with a tiny limp cock attitude?

The Neighborhood Noted: Your wife gets a 6 out 10 for blowjobs but your daughter gets a 9 out of 10 for anal sex.

Sushi: Leave it to the Japanese to invent a restaurant where you don’t have to cook.

That’s what dreams are made of Doll Face.

Baby my cum dam is about to burst.

“Your MONEY or your life.” “Take her ..” “I said your Life not your wife !!”

The one thought I don’t want creeping into my mind is my ‘Parents’ having SEX.

Did you know she was sucking my cock just a few minutes before you two started all that kissy face?