Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Leonardo da Vinci

"Jack's abstract insults are the true basis of all humor deep within us all."

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Yet Another Notch with JACK said...

Hey look here comes a ‘Slut’ named Desire !!

My favorite personal past time is too suck down a few brews, eat some extra sharp cheese, a few hard boiled eggs, and a can of cold pork-n-beans 
then head to a crowded super market and fart in the grocery line.

Hold It Hold It Hold It, I see the Slut Train just pulled in!

Hey I visited her Bermuda Triangle last night.

Baby I hear you dance to the music, Tramp A-go-go!

Hey have you ever tasted a sweater dick than mine?

Joe Zipper presents his new production called: Panties Busting Out and Wet Camel Toes Dripping. Now showing at a theatre near you.

‘Meat Head’ .. Dead from the neck up.

I once saw Madonna suck a Golf Ball two hundred feet through a garden hose.

What do you say to a seven foot native with a 10 foot spear .. “SIR!!”

Michael Jackson the Gay poor black boy gone rich and turned white, see what money will do for you.

While you were drinking whiskey and she was drinking wine, you passed out and she became mine.

Excuse me could you please go out for a while, I am coming right over to have my way with your sister.

I loved to come over but I am busy playing pocket pool.

Lawyers are turd sucking bottom feeders, but I am sure you all new that.

Cyberspace it’s a jungle out there.

Ok so I’m a dirty filthy old man what about it.

Sorry she can’t come to the phone right now her mouth is full.

Are you a chicken fucking plucker or a fucking chicken plucker?

A weapon never used, is a useless weapon.

Lady, you kept me holding so long on this phone when I’m hang up I going to half to go shave again.

You don’t mind taking it outside I hate to watch violence unless it’s on TV.

I am betting your Mommy told you masturbating would make you go blind and you listened.

Honey if you lick my balls I’ll love ya forever.

Losers go home and wine to their mommies where she probably still gives them cookies and milk. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

Would you mind terribly if I ripped your panties off with my teeth?

Hey I said go poke some fun at that girl. Oh, I thought you said go poke her bun.

Damn I had a brain fart, shit the thought right out I did, see you tomorrow .. Huh Huh .. Doh.

Ohhhh ... You filthy little animal you!

When in doubt .. Nuke’m.

Please don’t holler at me, I am adopted.

‘A Penny for Your Thoughts.’ This saying is still around because most of Earth’s population are brain dead otherwise ‘Wall Street’ would have 
launched an IPO on this concept a long time ago!

Ladies, science has proven that ‘Protein’ is good for the complexion, so open up, shut up, and swallow.

Sports were invented to keep the masses in place and semi happy. Wealthy people allow sports so the bulk of people won’t chase what’s really important ... MONEY. NOW TURN OFF THAT FUCKING TV SET and GET A JOB !!

Bend over and grab your ankles it’s time to make a ‘Fudge Cycle.’

What other rights do gays need after all ‘Queers have their Dildos.’

Rapist mainly get caught through DNA. I wonder if these morons ever read an article about ‘Sperm Donors’ and think that ‘pussy’ is the depository.