Monday, September 17, 2007


"That Jack Smarter Than Me."

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More Useful Sayings and Insults from JACK said...

So you wanna kick the shit out of me, well bring a lunch it’s gonna be an all day job.

Rap Music is for those who are Brain Dead, Tone Death, and Entertainment Challenge.

When your daughter’s boyfriend brings her home, smell his fingers. If they smell like ‘Pussy’ you better hope you just met your next son-in-law.

The meaning of the word ‘Dilemma.’ Too many cops and not enough Donut Shops.

Remember when approaching a ‘Stop Sign’ what STOP means ... Stomp Toe On Pedal.

Want a ‘Cookie?’

I hear your college SAT scores were so low they gave you a ‘Handicap Parking Place.’

You couldn’t get your head out of your ass with a crowbar and a gallon of motor oil.

I hear the first time you saw your wife in lingerie you had to pay a cover fee at the strip club.

I saw your mother standing on the street corner last night. She was wearing combat boots and had a mattress strapped to her back.

If you clean that ‘SHIT’ out of your ears you can hear what I am saying.

Look kid why don’t you go play in the traffic.

Doctor it only hurts on two occasions, when I breathe and when I laugh !!

Hey I hear your Mommy had to tie a dog bone around your neck just so you’d have someone to play with.

Hey do us all a favor, stick your middle finger up your ass and rotate.

I only drink on three occasions: When I’m alone, When I have it, and When I’m with somebody!

The ‘Lottery’ is a poor man’s Fantasy Island Cruise that never leaves the dock.

Alimony and Child Support are a woman’s idea of prison for a man without bars.

Hey go home and tell your mother she wants you.

Stand up be proud you’re an American, Piss on a Muslim today.

Womanizer Club Rules 101: Use’m, Abuse’m and Discard’em.

Womanizer Club Rules 102: If a woman is talking, shove a cock in her mouth, it’s guaranteed to shut her up every time.

I hear your mother caught you in the toilet whacking off again.

Girls if you dress like a whore, look like a whore, and act like a whore then you must be treated like a WHORE you little filthy slut, ooh now I am turned on.

Edible panties are not just for breakfast anymore!

So you’re going on vacation, I’ll be glad to feed your dog, to a pack of hungry lions.

Remember to study for your Rectal Exam, but cramming is not recommended.

Doh, Yea Yea Yea, whatever, whatever, blah blah blah!

If you ever want to have anal sex with a ‘Black Girl’ just tell her you want to have a ‘Buck Wheat Baby.’

You look like the type that would beat up a homeless man and rape his dog.

In some dim beginning, man created the institution of government as a convenience 
for himself. And, ever since that time, government has been doing its best to become an inconvenience.

Weasel words from mollycoddles and malicious wannabes do not alter the fact that terrorism is still terrorism and nothing can justify it, but the conscious full and unconditional retaliation is a given must and will be carried out by free nations 

You were so ugly as a child your parents sat you in a corner and fed you with a slingshot.