Monday, July 30, 2007

General George Patton says, Jack's Insults reflect true American Genius

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Jack's Bombarding You With Insults said...

Entering the O’Reilly Spin Zone on Fox News makes me laugh and dizzy until I 
throw up.

Hey I hear that ALL those LA Wise Guys are really ‘Gay Guys.’

That woman is so ‘Ugly’ she’d have to sneak up on a glass of water.

I’ll whistle in your wheat field if you strum on my Shalalee!

I am NOT yelling! I am speaking distinctly!

Go tell your Mother ‘She Wants You.’

Hey you stinking ‘Terrorist’ remember, the United States Marines are everywhere ... 
They even have a detachment in heaven and one in hell, so there’s no escaping NOT 
even in death. Semper Fi!

Poof ... You’re a ‘Pile of Shit!’

Identity thief criminals are those who can’t make up their mind who they really are.

What a Bow Wow ... What a fucking Barf Burger!

I taught that guy a lesson, I took 87 punches to the head and wore his knuckles 
right out.

If you ever wondered what happens to Dogs and Cats when they ‘Die’ they end up 
in Oprah Winfrey’s refrigerator!

You’re lower than a snake in a wagon rut.

See DOG ... See DOG Run ... See JANE ... See Dog fuck Jane! ‘Reading Lesson’ 
over for today children.

It’s not gonna cost too much ... just your left arm, your right leg, and your left 
gonad (testicle).

I have only one real important goal in life and that is to fuck as many women as 
possible before I die.

If you don’t think America’s women are turning into a bunch of brain dead fat ugly 
useless bitches, then all you have to do is turn on the ‘Price Is Right’ daytime TV 
game show and get a wakeup call!

Who’s Your Daddy?

Ok I drag my cock on the floor, walk on my knuckles, and lick my eyebrows with 
my tongue so ladies who’s next for tonight?

Hey if you turn your head and stick out your tongue you’ll look just like a zipper.

That woman is so large her Fat has Fat.

Put your tongue back in your head and stop drooling over that broad you’re 
embarrassing yourself.

Girls do you wanna experience some ‘Yellow Rain?’

Stay right their sweetheart I’ll get you a towel.

Ahhh and Legs That Go ALL The WAY UP!

If YOU take your head out of your ass once in awhile you may know what’s going 
on around you.

Just remember it takes 100 ‘Atta Boys’ to wipe out ‘One Ah Shit!’

Lady I have to pee can I borrow your purse?

Ladies remember ‘Men’ like their burgers fresh and juicy!

YOU don’t have the sense God gave the common Dog!

Woman if you don’t shut the fuck up I am gonna rip your nipples off and glue them 
to your door.

Here Pussy Pussy ... Come here Pussy Pussy ... I have some special kind of 
‘Cat Nip’ for you!

DEATH to ALL Terrorist Whoever and Wherever YOU might be!

I am going to Eat at the ‘Y’ .. want to join me?

Men remember don’t get seriously involved ... with ‘Women’ just use them, abuse them, 
and dump them (discard them and get another, hopefully a better younger model)!

Don’t go away mad Just Go Away!

I use to have sex three times a day but now I am cutting back, my dick is getting too 

I am always inconsistent that’s why I am constantly consistent.